Welcome to the CMS Industrial Training Institute (I.T.I), Nagercoil.

The Indian economy is in the mode of globalization and liberation and thus in need to develop skilled personnel in appropriate numbers with adequate skills, in consonance with the requirements of the ultimate users such as industries and service sectors. The same is being done by Industrial Training Institutes, well known by its their abbreviated form “ITI”.

ITIs were first started in 1969 with the aim of promoting industrialization in India . The largest share of jobs in India is perhaps from unorganized sectors. As small enterprises have been the forerunner in generating employment, It was decided to develop the skills for these sectors. In the beginning there were only some traditional industrial trades like fitter, machinist, welder etc. in which training was provided. But with the rise of service sector, trades like hospital management, retail management etc. were added later for training. The vocational training system of India offers training through ITIs (government institutes) and ITCs (private institutes).There are about 12000 such institutes in the country.

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